Indian protesters hold interfaith prayers at Shaheen Bagh

Islam | posted on 2/17/2020 11:34:16 AM by christina | Likes: , Comments: 0, Views: 764

Anti-CAA demonstrators from all faiths pray for withdrawal of law and communal amity at women-led epicentre of protests.

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How to Perform Salah

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Having cleansed yourself by Wudu, you may proceed to perform Salah. Wudu is a ritual cleansing. Before you begin your Salah, however, you must make sure that you have a clean body, a clean place to pray, and that you are wearing clothing free of impurities

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Dr Zakir Naik says Modi offered him ‘safe passage’ in return for supporting Kashmir move

Islam | posted on 1/14/2020 4:43:43 PM by Abrahim | Likes: , Comments: 0, Views: 797

India’s most popular Muslim televangelist Dr Zakir Naik – who has been living in self-exile in Malaysia since 2016 – has confirmed that an emissary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered him a “safe passage to India” in return for supporting the BJP government’s revocation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K)’s special constitutional status.

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Islam | posted on 12/31/2019 3:48:20 PM by Abrahim | Likes: , Comments: 0, Views: 749

Palestinians and other Arabs are not interested in the promotion of 'religious tolerance' by highly intolerant regimes.

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