2021 KIA Optima drive reviews: standout on top

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2021 KIA Optima drive reviews: standout on top
2021 KIA Optima, also know as K5, Comes in White and Navy Blue color, Front Wheel drive, 2200 Pounds weight, will be in market for sale in 2020. KIA Optima 2021 has a pleasant drive, smart look and strong grip on road.

Number of impresive vehicles went on sale in year 2019, but people were looking at KIA 2021 Optima for its first drive on the road. It look's like that 2020 will be hit for KIA Optima.

The best design and look of KIA Optima outer body, and impresive interior design makes it a demanding vehicle from youngsters to profesionals. 

A longer, lower and wider body makes a familiar footprint on the road.Sprinkled across the car are a number of interesting styling details, although I suspect they may prove a bit more polarizing to general consumers. The lights were inspired by electrocardiogram.

The extra-ordinary cabin should recieve the hits from audieance, because its a complement your will not recieve in this class. Attractive and generously padded leather door panels feature coarse stitching that feels suitably premium, while the liberal use of piano black trim helps hide the plasticky buttons. Silver painted plastic surrounds the climate control vents and looks and feels far nicer than it has any business being. The piano black on the doors and the plastic on the vents feature subtle slats that improve the overall sense of quality, and in the case of the doors, hide ambient lights that change based on drive mode.

Infortainment system of 10.3 inch touch screen, angled slightly towards driver and along with a relatively high transmission tunnel, gives the cabin more of a cockpit-like feel than anything else in this segment. 

KIA K5 Optima 2020

KIA Optima, On Road:

On the congested urban roads of Seoul, the Optima was easy to place despite growing ever so slightly. It responds well to such tight confines, too, with predictable, quick steering. But less than 100 feet after setting off from our hotel in the Itaewon neighborhood, we encountered an immediate drivability problem: exceptionally grabby brakes.

The left pedal is far too difficult to modulate and was inarguably the most common complaint among the American journalists in attendance. Thankfully, Kia was very receptive regarding the issue, and I doubt this particular problem will survive the trip across the Pacific. And if it does, well, you read it here first.

Beyond that particular qualm, the Optima feels like a smooth, pleasant commuter, with controlled body motions and little road or wind noise. We're not sure if these qualities will make it to American roads, though. The reality is that Korea's roads are, by and large, quite good. Combine that with a frightening number of speed cameras – Europe has nothing on Korea's army of cameras – and it was hard to get a feel for how the Optima behaves at higher speeds. We rarely cracked 60 miles per hour on our drive, and aside from some rural sections, drove on smooth, newer pavement. Combine that with tuning of the adaptive dampers that could change for the US market, and I can only say I'm cautiously optimistic that the Optima will be as comfortable on this side of the world.

KIA K5 Optima 2020 on road

KIA Optima, Features:

2021 Kia K5 1.6T-GDI

 ENGINETurbocharged 1.6-liter I4
 OUTPUT177 Horsepower / 195 Pound-Feet
 TRANSMISSIONEight-Speed Automatic
 SPEED 0-60 MPHFront-Wheel Drive
 FUEL ECONOMY27 City / 36 Highway / 31 Combined (est)
 WEIGHT3,300 Pounds
 CARGO VOLUME16 Cubic-Feet (est)
 BASE PRICE$24,000 (est)
 AS-TESTED PRICE$34,000 (est)
 ON SALESummer 2020