72 Awesome Muslim Girls Names to Follow in 2020 Graded and Ranked

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72 Awesome Muslim Girls Names to Follow in 2020 Graded and Ranked
How to Get Started with Muslim Girls Names. Muslim Girls Names: It's Not as Difficult as You Think. Here's What Really Matters in Muslim Girls Names. The 8 Most Important Steps to Solving Non-Islamic Names. 10 Quick Tips About Muslim Girls Names. Here find out all about muslim girls names.

Muslim Girl Names represent Muslim feminine names in Islamic society and the world. Here you find Top Muslim Girls Names meaning including most trending names like Umaira, Unaiza, Yusra, Sonia and Mahnoor. Meaning of top trending names includes Umaira meaning Living a long life, living long, blessed with life; Unaiza meaning Sheep/goat , Name Of A Valley Between Makkah And Taif; Yusra meaning Prosperous and view all names are as following.

Here are list of 72 Awesome Muslim Girls Names to Follow:

1 Umaira Living a long life, living long, blessed with life Muslim
2 Unaiza Sheep/goat , Name Of A Valley Between Makkah And Taif Muslim
3 Yusra Prosperous Muslim
4 Sonia Pretty, Very Beautiful, Intelligence, Intellect, Smart Muslim
5 Mahnoor Mahnoor means Moon Light in. It is a common Muslim name, phonetically it sounds very soft. Muslim
6 Parveen Variant Of Parvin: Pleiades, Cluster Of Stars. Muslim
7 Anaya Concern, Redemption, Solicitude, Caring, Guardian, Protector Muslim
8 Shafaq Morning and evening REDNESS Muslim
9 Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy, flawless, untainted, pure Muslim
10 Saniya Radiant, Brilliant, High, Exalted Muslim
11 Yasmeen Jasmine,sym. friendliness ,Variant transcription of YASMIN From Persian Muslim
12 Anoosha Delighted, happy Muslim
13 Kinza Hidden Treasure, Precious, Intelligent, Wise Muslim
14 Tabassum Smile Happiness Muslim
15 shazia Rare, Extraordinary, Strange, Wonderful, Aromatic. Muslim
16 Shanza Woman of diginity, Success, Prosperity, Development Muslim
17 Kainaat Universe Muslim
18 Faiza Successful One, Winner, VICTORIOUS, Triumphant Muslim
19 Razia Satisfied, content, well-pleased fem. of Razi Muslim
20 Maheen Greatest, Fine, Feeble Muslim
21 Sadaf Sea Shell Muslim
22 Batool Pure, Chaste, Virgin (Devoted To Allah) Muslim
23 Asma Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious,Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent Muslim
24 Zaira In hebrew meaning is : Eastern brightness,dawn;Princess. Muslim
25 Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad PBUH Muslim
26 Asiya Comforting, consoling, a mansion with solid foundation or pillars, firm, a powerful. Wife of Firawn who educated prophet Moosa Muslim
27 Uswa Example, sample, light Muslim
28 Farheen Jubiliant Muslim
29 Kubra Great, senior Muslim
30 Miral Doe Muslim
31 Aliya The High, Exalted One Muslim
32 Huda Right guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards Good Muslim
33 Beenish To wit Muslim
34 Rukhsar Cheek Muslim
35 Nida Call, Sound, Voice, Call To Prayer Muslim
36 Anila Wind Muslim
37 Minhal Source of Knowledge, Source Of water Muslim
38 Ayat This striking name with a classic feel means Mark, Sign, Proof, Sign of God's Greatness. Muslim
39 Nadia Caller. Announcer. Muslim
40 Bisma Caregiver, Polite, Obedient, And Significant Muslim
41 Komal Soft girl Muslim
42 Sania Brilliant, Majestic, Exalted, Eminent, Splendid, Fem. Of Sani Muslim
43 Rabeel Lioness Muslim
44 Bushra Happy News Glad Tiding Good Omen. Muslim
45 Alizay Beauty of Light, radiant, glowing, joy Muslim
46 Samina Precious, Generous, A healthy girl, fertile land without rock and stone Muslim
47 Sundas Heaven dress Muslim
48 Zubia God Bless Muslim
49 Shaista Gentle, obedient, Polite, Courteous Muslim
50 Sumaira Brownish, Diminutive Of Samra., Night Companion In Conversation Muslim
51 Amal Work, Hope, Aspiration Muslim
52 Parishey Fairy face, beautiful, pretty, innocent Muslim
53 Farwa Fur Muslim
54 Rameen Successful woman. Muslim
55 Hania Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight Muslim
56 Hira The Name Of The Hill Where The Quran Was Revealed To The Prophet Muslim
57 Anum The mercy of Allah Muslim
58 Rizwana Beautiful, Guardian of heaven, Consent Muslim
59 Mehwish Moon, Beautiful, Pretty, Moon Face Muslim
60 Afshan To Sprinkle Muslim
61 Urwa Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad Muslim
62 Noreen Lovable, bright, Light, Radiance, made of light Muslim
63 Hina Fragranance Muslim
64 Hoorain Beautiful Eyes, fabulous friend in Paradise and Women of Paradise Muslim
65 Rubina Blessed With Love, Waterfall, Face Reader Muslim
66 Sehrish The sunrise, Glamorous, magical. Muslim
67 Faryal Angle, Spirit, soul, saint, gem Muslim
68 Nosheen Sugary, sweet, delicious Muslim
69 Tooba A Tree In Heaven Muslim
70 Sadia Lucky, Fortunate, Cheerful, Blessed, Happy Muslim
71 Tahreem Respect, sanctity, prohibition, prevention, Sacred Muslim
72 Laraib Without A Doubt. Muslim


Islamic Girls Names – You can simply check from the list of Muslim girl's names and then pick the best Muslim name for your expected or newborn baby girl. All girl's Islamic names with meaning starting from different alphabets are available on the website. In short, girl names from the vast collection of Muslim names and Islamic names are available.

When talking about the Muslim population in the world, it is over 1.8 billion. In addition to it, over half of them are females. It further signifies the importance of Muslim girls names or Islamic girls names. As Muslims belong from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, there are different variations of names that you can use for your baby girls. It is a reason that along with Pakistani or Indian names, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, French, and names from other languages are also popular. The pronunciation difference between different languages also makes Muslim girls names or Islamic girls names unique in different regions. For e.g name, Aisha is pronounced as A’aisha, Aischa, Aishat, Ayşe, Aicha, Aisyah, and Aixa.

The main thing is that Islamic girls names or Muslim girls names may differ in origin, there is one thing in common; the honorable meanings. In the religion of Islam, it is authoritative to pick names that have spiritual or virtuous meanings. The reason is that Muslims believe that name of a person is reflective of a person’s personality, deeds, and future. Due to this, Muslim girls names or Islamic girls names are not associated with any violence or offense.

Pakpublishers provides famous popular Muslim Islamic girls names with English and Urdu meaning that can act as a perfect guide for parents to assign the best possible name to their little angel. All key details of Muslim baby girls names are provided here, so parents can pick the best of the best names for their cute girls. Popular girls names with Urdu meaning offer great assistance to parents to highlight the impact of names on their babies. In short, on this page, you will get all the popular girls names details.


Although there are different names that you can pick for your babay girl but these Islamic or Muslim girl names such as Ayesha, Fatima, Anabia, Hoorian, and Maryam are the best.


Currently, some Arabic girl names are significantly trending due to their meaning. Some of the trending Arabic baby girl names are Aliya, Amal, Layla, Nabila, Malika, Zaina.


Islamic names, Quranic names, and Sahabia names are better to assign. Names of wives or daughters of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) can be also assigned to baby girl.


In 2020, there are some names which are becoming highly popular. However, you can choose from these top Muslim names in 2020 such as Haniya, Kashaf, Zonaira, Abeeha, and Minahil.


Muslim Girl Names - When talk about Islamic baby girl names, these are the top names. Maira, Umaima, Alizay, Humna, Zoya, Aiza, Anaya, Mishal, Aiman & Hareem


Among Islamic girl names, you can choose from some of the unique Muslim girl names. Elma, Kubra, Musfirah, Izah, etc. are just the perfect ones.


Currently, some parents want to give the modern name to the baby girl. You can choose from these modern Muslim girl names such as Mirha, Esra, Aaira, Urwa, Rumaisa.