Arslan Ash: The best esports player of the year 2019 by ESPN Esports

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Arslan Ash: The best esports player of the year 2019 by ESPN Esports
The pro gamer Arslan Ash has made the name for himself and garnered a following that can't help but admire his journey and talent. The best Player Award won by him on Friday this year by ESPN Esports.

The Pakistan's first international Esports game winner and also the country’s first red bull athlete, won the international pro gamer ESPN Esports Game award on a evening of Friday.

Arslan Ash was standing upfront amongst three other players namely Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, Xiaomeng “Liooon” Li, and Jay “Sinatraa”.

He is becoming a pro gamer icon for rest of young Pakistani’s to get up and prove them for another esports gaming activities.

During an interview after winning the award, He told to ESPN that he is feeling un-believable. He was proud and happy for that moment.

He told that initially he was afraid, but after first beating the enemy, he with his team stood up and fight intelligently and won the match.

He was in America for at least one week, he told that because of food he got his stomach problems as he missed Pakistani food. However, He liked American people, and told ESPN that they are humble and friendly.

Arslan Ash was the first person who WON the EVO America ESPN Esport awad.

Interview or Arslan Ash with ESPN: