Tesla Electric Cybertruck Is Unveiled. It’s Pointy :)

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Tesla Electric Cybertruck Is Unveiled. It’s Pointy :)
When we unveil this thing, there will be some people who are like, ‘Oh, that doesn’t look like a truck; I don’t want to buy it,’” Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, said in an earlier interview

Elon Musk on Thursday unveiled the “Cybertruck,” an electric pickup truck that Tesla hopes will rival Ford’s best-selling F-150 line.

Its design ensured it would certainly stand out on the road. Looking little like traditional pickup trucks, the Cybertruck has a stainless steel exterior with a triangular roof.

But its introduction at an event in Los Angeles didn’t quite go as planned. During a demonstration of the truck’s toughness, its designer lobbed a metal ball at one of its windows, unexpectedly cracking it. He tried again on another window, which also cracked.

“Maybe that was a little too hard,” said Mr. Musk, Tesla’s chief executive.

He gave the rest of the presentation with the cracked windows behind him.

 Cybertruck details


Company reveled total three models.

  1. A single moter rear wheel drive for about $39,900.
  2. A dual-motor all-wheel for about $49,900.
  3. A tri-motor all-wheel for about $69,900.


14,000 punds in weight, this truck can go upto 500 miles on a single charge. On other hand, it has an acceleration of a Porsche.

If you look back in history, almost every truck looks same, But Tesla Cybertruck is Pointy and look cool.

Order can be entertained imidieately on Tesla website, however the truck will going to deliver you in 2021, Tesla said.