Final version of the Galaxy S11 has leaked

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Final version of the Galaxy S11 has leaked
After incremental upgrades in 2019, Samsung is going for it in 2020 and a big motivation is Apple’s plans for the iPhone 12. Yes, 2020 is shaping up to be major year for smartphone fans.

Codename - The Galaxy S11 range is known as PICASSO. Why would Samsung name the phone after a great artist?

Camera - [12/19 update] Ice Universe has today revealed the Galaxy S11 will add a 48MP telephoto lens to the range. This is capable of 5x optical zoom and is suitably codenamed ‘Hubble’. It will sit alongside a massive 108MP primary camera which uses pixel binning technology that bins nine pixels to create one large 2.4μm pixel with a final 12 megapixel image size. This should lead to dramatic improvements in low light photography. It’s codename is the "ISOCELL Bright HM1".

Design -  The Galaxy Note 10 Plus already has a class-leading screen-to-body ratio but we know Galaxy S11 will push this even further by shrinking the front camera. 

Display - Samsung is introducing a class-leading 120Hz display to make up for missing the high refresh rate bandwagon that already started this year. The company is also significantly increasing screen sizes (which should be offset by the smaller bezels. This is what you’ll get:


  • 6.4-inch Galaxy S11
  • 6.7-inch Galaxy S11+
  • 6.9-inch Galaxy S11 5G

Performance - The Galaxy S11 will use Samsung’s newly unveiled Snapdragon 865 which has 20% faster graphics rendering than the Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy S10 and 35% more power efficiency. There’s also upgraded LPDDR5 smartphone memory (30% faster, 30% more efficient). The bad news is the Exynos-equipped version could yet drag all this down.

Connectivity - The Snapdragon 865 has 5G baked in so it will come to every Galaxy S11 model. WiFi 6 will also come as standard and Samsung is retaining the microSD expansion slot (though not for the entry level Galaxy S11e) The bad news: the headphone jack has gone, which is not surprising after it was ditched by the Galaxy Note 10. 

Biometrics - Samsung is not expected to introduce a Face ID rival, but it will add a supersized Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy S11 which is 17x larger than the sensor used in the Galaxy S10 (making placement more instinctive). The sensor will also support two fingerprints at the same time which will deliver a significant increase in security which can be reserved for crucial moments, like the completion of financial transactions or logging into a banking app.

Battery Life - Another major upgrade. While 5G will consume more battery life, Samsung looks set to more than offset this with massive capacity upgrades.


  • Galaxy S11: 4,500 mAh (S10: 3,400 mAh)
  • Galaxy S11+: 5,000 mAh (S10+: 4,100 mAh)

45w "Super Fast Charging" is also expected to come as standard. But don’t expect the company’s potentially revolutionary graphene batteries to be ready for the Galaxy S11 range, though it could possibly launch late in the year. 

Downsides - the Galaxy S11 looks set to have all the bad points of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus: for the S11e that means no micro sd while every model will lose the headphone jack.

Release Date: Samsung is tipped to announce the Galaxy S11 series on February 18 - one of the earliest Galaxy S launches to date. It will launch alongside a new clamshell folding smartphone