VR in the 2010s Pakistan: My decade with things on my face

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VR in the 2010s Pakistan: My decade with things on my face
From the Nintendo Wii to Oculus to the HoloLens and Pokemon Go, the last 10 years of both VR and AR brought some good, some bad and plenty of weird.

Chunky goggles, alien glasses, perception-altering devices big and small: I've seen my face in all of them. It actually started 10 years ago. The fourth story I wrote after starting at CNET in early 2009 was about AR and magic. It wasn't a long post or a great one. But it proves that the term "augmented reality" has been around a lot longer than you think.

VR in the 2010 Pakistan

VR goes back even further. Around 1991 when I gave a presentation about VR in high school, it was in a hype cycle: Sega was promising its own VR headset and a British company called Virtuality had VR setups in malls. The rest was speculation and science fiction, William Gibson-style dreams and articles in Mondo 2000 about Timothy Leary and hallucinatory cyberspace. Then, things collapsed. By the time I started at CNET, VR was barely known for anything more than the failed Nintendo Virtual Boy. 

The last decade, it all started again. Some good, some bad, lots of it weird. Weird people with cameras on their faces wandered around San Francisco. A barefoot guy with VR goggles was on the cover of Time. Spielberg made a whole movie about VR. In the summer of 2016, the whole world was obsessed with catching invisible things in parks. 

I think of the last 10 years as My Immersive Decade. Or, the Chaos Before The Change. To many, it looks like "the rise and fall and (maybe) rise again of VR and AR." But the more I look at everything that happened, the more it looks like an arrow pointing towards a future of some perfected immersive connected technology that binds us together in ways that I'm not sure are really comprehensible yet. This decade has just been the test drive.