Amazon Kindle KDP Book Cover Design, Interior Formatting and Manuscript Layout services

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Amazon Kindle KDP Book Cover Design, Interior Formatting and Manuscript Layout services
Pakpublishers provide Amazon kindle KDP Book Cover Design, interior formatting and Manuscript layout/Text design Services. Pakpublishers also provide services of managing e-books on Amazon Kindle KDP account and also provide e-book paperback printing services. Publish your e-book on Amazon and get paperback, contact us now at [email protected]

The article below will give all information about how you can publish your book on Internet (Amazon Kindle, Pakpublishers) in form of e-book or Paperback book. We will also tell you can send your book to us, and how we will edit it formate it and publish it as per international standards over Amazon and Pakpublishers. If you found this article informative, give us your feedback in comments and also share it with other Authors. So let's start..

There are two ways of Book publishing methouds.

  1. Traditional Book Publishing Methoud
    In this methoud, The Author sends his book's Manuscript to Publishing Company, Than the Company checks and edit the book and sends it to printing department. The printing section than prints huge quantity of copies of same book. The book is than sent to marketing department for promotion and sales. 

    This methoud is a time taking job, and huge money is required for single book publishing. Also the profit of each sale of book is been shared with both Author and Publisher.

    This methoud of book publising is no more now. Traditional book publishing is almost finished.

  2. Non-traditional Book Publishing Methoud (Modern Book Publishing Methoud)
    As internet came, it also revolutionized the book publishing. Now Authors can publish book over internet, and customer can buy the e-book or the Paperback(Physical book) which will deliver to customer address. The methoud is smart because, the book is printed only when customer purchase the book online and place an order, The Publishing Company like Amazon will print a copy as soon as the order recive and sends the Paperback book to customer door step.

    In this methoud you can publish your books in two forms, e-book and Papberback. E-book is online book and can be read or purchased online only. Paperback is also available online you can purchase it online but you can read only in Physical book form (A Printed Copy of book).

    This methoud is money efficient because authors will not have to pay a huge amount for printing the thousands of copies of books. By using this methoud Authors can earn huge profit which he was not able to get in traditional way of book publishing.

    This Methoud uses platforms like Amazon, CreateSpace and Pakpublishers

Self-Publish Design Services for CreateSpace, Amazon Kindle Direct, Independent Publishers and More! 

Beginning in early 2018, Amazon will no longer offer paid services for authors utilizing their Print-on-Demand publishing platform. What that means for you, as an author, is that you will need to come to Amazon with a print-ready book design.

And that's where Pakpublishers come in.

Pakpublishers have been working with Amazon Kindle Direct / CreateSpace for nearly 10 years, starting in 2008. In that time, Pakpublishers have created nearly 1,500 book designs covering (no pun intended) a diverse range of topics from business & finance to fiction, children's literature and professional development. One of my covers took first place in the Self-Published category at the New York Book Show in 2017.

A brief portfolio of Pakpublishers cover design can be seen here. 

Because of Pakpublishers long-term relationship with Amazon and their Print-on-Demand platform, Pakpublishers have a complete understanding of their processes, requirements and restraints from imagery to file formats to final deliverables. 

Whether you are planning to self-publish with Amazon's Print-on-Demand services or you'll be using another vendor, Pakpublishers would love the opportunity to create your cover and interior layout. Pakpublishers is versed in the process, understand the publishing market and take pride in designing clean, effective covers that will serve you and your book well. 

Please send us details of your book with brief information about your book at [email protected], and we will get back with you soon!

Send us your Book Details

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Send all above information to our e-mail address at [email protected]. Our representative will get back to you shortly and let you know the complete process of Amazon Kindle book publishing process.


Front cover design using up to 5 stock images, custom illustration or provided photography. You get 3 cover designs with up to 3 rounds of revisions on chosen cover design.

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Full cover design including cover, spine and back cover using up to 5 stock images, custom illustration or provided photography. You get 3 cover designs with up to 3 rounds of revisions on chosen cover design. Also included is the e-book cover design.

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