Amazon Kindle KDP book cover design interior formatting and manuscript layout services

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Amazon Kindle Book Publishing

If you have ready manuscript of your book and you want to publish your book on Amazon Kindle either in e-book or Paperback formate, we will help to analyse your book manuscript and layout the entire manuscript as per Amazon Kindle Standards, design the book cover and publish it into your Amazon kindle account. Our expert team will also compile a Video trailer of your book and will publish it on youtube.

Steps we will do for book publishing?

  1. Manuscript Layout Design & Editing
  2. Book Editing
  3. Book Cover Design
  4. Amazon Kindle Publishing
  5. Marketing

Manuscript Layout Design & Editing:

Your book's manuscript layout preparetion is a tidy task and it must need to comply with the Amazon Kindle Layout Standards. Failing to comply with Kindle standard will increases chanses of your book rejection. Our professional team will prepare Layout of your book and design it as per Kindle Standards. 

Send us your book's manuscript now at [email protected] so one of team member can analyse layout content and suguest you for possible changes. Your initial book's manuscript which you send to us must have to be in MS Word formate.

Book Editing:

Booking editng process involves how to revise, rewrite and redraft your book. We have team of professional book editors who will take care of book editing process upon any update from author.

Rewriting is what writers do all the time, even beginners. For example, if you’re giving an exercise to write a thousand words about a character, you’ll start that. Then you’ll go for lunch and return after an hour. You have to read what you’ve just written in order to get back into it, and when you read through, you will start tweaking it.

edrafting implies that you have an entire draft now. And that you’ll be doing another one – a second draft of your book or your story. So you need to read through it. That read through should present ideas about what’s not working and what you need to tackle.

Once you have redrafted your book or story, it’s time to show somebody else. You might choose someone who is well-read, or another writer or a professional editor.

Book Editing process is an agile process in which writer feeds us chapters of book individualy which we then add/rewrite into the manuscript and then proof read it. Book Editing is the second important process after Manuscript layout Design & Editing.

Book Cover Design:

Once the Editing & Layout of manuscript of your book will get comleted, We will design book cover that will include both sides of cover pages including the gutter cover. We will also generate a book cover mockup for you to send to your followers. Book cover will be as per standards and requirements of Amazon Kindle and will reflect he actual content what is inside of book. 

Amazon Kindle Publishing:

The book is ready to get published on Amazon Kindle Book store after Layout of manuscript, Editing of book and Book Cover design phase. Our team will compile entire book with its details and publish it on Amazon Kindle Store by using the authors account. After publishing book, author can also change the book price of both ebook and Paperback edition. Author will get sales report in his account, in short author will have full control on book sales.


Now the book is on Kindle store for sale, Author will need promotions and marketing tactics to generate sales for book. We have different marketing tachniques by using which the author can boost sales of book. 

Few of marketing tachtics we do are:

Author needs to request which marketing tachnique he want to apply to generate his book sales. Upon Author's request our team will create/generate the desired marketing tachnique and will showcase the sales report.

Published Kindle Books: