How to Publish book online free and earn Profit

Published 15-10-2022, By : tech-news (sana)
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Historically, if you would like to publish your book, you probably need an agent who will charge you plenty of dollars, and finds traditional publishers for you to look at your manifest to move further or not.

Most of the times, its is noticed that traditional book publishers are not accepting any book for publishing if you are not connecting with them through any agent. Which makes it worst to get a book published?

Here, not to mention that going through an agent is worthy to get your book published, because they will charge you a big amount.

Here are two methods of publishing a book.

  1. Publish your book by traditional publishers
  2. Publish your book online with Pakpublishers.

1. Publish your book by traditional publishers

Before the computer age, below the year 1999, books are published in paper form with a hectic process of composing, rectifying the mistakes and recomposing and then finally publishing it in physical form. To accomplish this, you need to first find the publishers, who will print the physical book for you, either by your self or through an agent.

Although, this method was common for every body but was very costly and hectic. Publishers and agents were charging big amount for publishing a book. At the end Author was getting a small number of dollars in hand after cutting the commission of agents and publishers.

However, the method was hectic but still finally you was able to get a physical book in hand. But, situation is getting more worse now, people don’t want to buy physical books now, computer has given them so easiness that they can ready on their phones, tablets and laptops. So the era of traditional book publishing is getting older and older and was becoming less beneficent for all the parties including Agents, Publishers and finally the authors.

Surprisingly, here comes another way of publishing a modern book.

2. Publish your book online with Pakpublishers

Easy and peasy, you don’t need to go anywhere now, No need of any agents and composers, Don’t worry of mistakes in our book and rectifying them which you was facing in traditional book publishing. 

Pakpublishers eBook platform provides and easy way to create, compose and publish your book online by your self, and most important all this is for free of cost.

All you need to do is to create and account in pakpublishers platform. After, create your book, give a unique name, compose it online according to your choice, and publish it online. That’s it.

here are steps that you can follow to publish a book online with pakpublishers.

Steps to publish online eBook with Pakpublishers.

  1. Open
  2. Register and Create user account for free, if you already have account created, then login.
  3. After login, click on your profile icon, and click on Book Manager.
  4. Under create new book section, fill the book name, author, pages, Direction (RTL,LTR), Attach cover of your book and finally add a book description.
  5. Click on Create button, to create book.
  6. Now, go to My Books, and click on compose button.
  7. An online eBook Compose will appear in your page where you can compose the contents of your book page wise.
  8. Set headers of your book and  add  content in your book pages.
  9. Once you completed  composing your book pages.
  10. Come back  to My Books section.
  11. Press the Request Publish button.
  12. Our  team will analyze content of your book, and give you a telephonic call and also contact you through email.
  13. After confirming, our team will publish it online for free of cost.

Check video below for each single step to publish book with Pakpublishers.

For  more details your can also contact to Pakpublsihers 24/7 online support at [email protected]. If your have any quires, please comment us bellow. Please share it with your friends and connect with us at our facebook page.