Realme Narzo 50 Now Available for PKR 39999 only

Published 14-06-2023, By : Tech News (christina)
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One of the standout features of the realme Narzo 50 is its Helio G96 Gaming Processor. The octa-core architecture, consisting of ARM Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55, delivers clock speeds of up to 2.05GHz, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. With this powerful processor, gamers can expect smooth gameplay and efficient multitasking capabilities. 

To enhance the gaming experience further, the realme Narzo 50 incorporates up to 11GB Dynamic RAM. This is made possible by the advanced Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) technology, allowing the base 6GB of RAM to be expanded by up to 5GB. This boost in RAM ensures smooth gaming operations, minimizing lags and delays.

The smartphone's 120Hz refresh rate sets it apart from competitors. With the screen refreshing 120 times per second, twice as fast as the standard 60Hz refresh rate, the realme Narzo 50 provides an incredibly smooth visual experience. Paired with a 180Hz touch sampling rate, gamers will notice a significant upgrade in responsiveness and precision.

The smartphone also features a 16.7cm (6.6-inch) FHD+ Fullscreen, offering a larger field of view and enhanced clarity. With its 16.7 million color display, gaming scenes come to life, allowing for full immersion into virtual worlds. The combination of the expansive screen and vibrant colors ensures an unparalleled visual experience.

Check the Amazing Specifications of Realme Nazro 50 Specs.

realme has also prioritized charging speed with the inclusion of 33W DartCharge technology. Compared to standard 18W charging speeds, the realme Narzo 50's DartCharge capability increases charging speed by an impressive 36%. Users can expect their phone to be fully charged in no time, minimizing downtime between gaming sessions. The DartCharge technology is complemented by a high capacity 5000mAh battery, which provides long-lasting performance, allowing users to enjoy their favorite entertainment for extended periods. Additionally, the super power saving mode offers an ultra-long standby time of 37.6 hours at just 5% power, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions. 

This smartphone is not all about gaming though. In terms of photography, the realme Narzo 50 doesn't disappoint either. Equipped with a 50MP AI Triple Camera, users can capture stunning photos with exceptional clarity and detail. Whether it's documenting gaming achievements or capturing everyday moments, the smartphone’s camera system ensures impressive results. 

All these amazing features are packaged in a unique body design called the Speed Texture Design, which is inspired by racing cars. Users can choose between two colors – the Speed Blue and Speed Black. 

The realme Narzo 50 redefines affordability by offering high-end gaming features at a price point that won't break the bank. With its powerful Helio G96 Gaming Processor, expandable RAM, 120Hz refresh rate, large FHD+ Fullscreen, fast charging capabilities, long-lasting battery life, and impressive camera system, this smartphone caters to the needs of young gaming enthusiasts and millennials who aspire to make a statement with their gaming experience.

No Leap, No Launch

Amidst global economic fluctuations and consumer transformation, the report highlights innovation, quality enhancement, and brand communication as key tactics for Chinese brands seeking to expand internationally. "Focusing only on affordability can weaken a brand's competitiveness and lead to lost chances of winning new customers. Chinese global brands now aim to change their image from being affordable to offering meaningful value," said Doreen Wang, Kantar Greater China CEO and Global Chair of Kantar BrandZ.

Upholding the philosophy of "Dare to Leap" since its inception, realme has been devoted to empowering youth to be more daring through leap-forward technology and design. As it enters its second stage of growth as a startup, realme introduces its "Simply Better" strategy. At this year's product launch, the company promised that every realme product will come with a noteworthy leap in innovation, or else they would not launch it based on the "No Leap, No Launch" principle. By continuously innovating and delivering superior experiences, realme has caught the fancy of young people, which propelled the brand's healthy and sustainable growth.

Leading with Technology in Two Major Hit Series

This year, realme launched two smartphone series: realme GT Neo5 and realme 11. Both offer excellent value for money and quickly became popular. The GT Neo5 series sets the standard for a phone with 1TB of storage, delivering exceptional performance and superb gaming experience in its price range. It was chosen as the official device for the 2023 Honor of Kings National Competition. With a 240W fast charging solution, it is also the world's fastest charging smartphone.

Known for its revolutionary imaging technology, the realme 11 series has become the most anticipated product from realme over the past five years. It became a global hit upon its launch. With its 200-megapixel single-lens zoom camera, the realme 11 series offers unmatched value for its price range. It was chosen as the official video recorder for the popular Chinese reality show "Back to Field," and endorsed by Leo Wu, a famous young Chinese actor. The series also achieved remarkable success overseas, generating the highest brand buzz in five years. Its sales surged by 262% compared with the realme 10 series, and it topped Twitter's trending list six times in a row. The realme 11 series has become a global sensation.

In the current wave of globalization, Chinese brands are moving from an era of aggressive expansion to an era of pursuing exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality. realme will prioritize core products in its global expansion and consistently build up its brand value and influence through differentiation. 

In Pakistan, realme has launched the realme Narzo 50, targeting young gaming enthusiasts and millennials seeking an affordable yet high-performance smartphone. Key features include the Helio G96 Gaming Processor for seamless gaming and multitasking, up to 11GB Dynamic RAM for smooth operations, a 16.7cm FHD+ Fullscreen for an immersive experience, 33W DartCharge technology for fast charging, a 5000mAh battery for extended usage, and a 50MP AI Triple Camera for impressive photography. The smartphone's price point of PKR 39,999/- make it an attractive choice for gaming enthusiasts. 

The realme Narzo 50 is now available across Pakistan for PKR 39,999/- only. It’s time to elevate your gaming journey and unleash your full potential